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Sinkland Farms is a premier wedding venue in southwest Virginia. Locally owned and operated by the family who purchased the farm over 30 years ago. Managing a wedding venue, planning multiple festivals and private events is more than a full time job. Throw in trying to manage the social media and you have a recipe for disaster. Missed emails, lack of social media presences, unanswered Facebook messages and more. 

This is where Meraki Marketing shines. We were able to ease the burden of marketing in the 21st century, remove the hassles of social media and email from the owners so they could focus on what they do best. 

After taking over the social media and website management for Sinkland Farms, we grow their Facebook page by 31% and improved their response rate from 72 ours to 8 hours on all social media inquires. 

"Working with Meraki Marketing saved our social image. We were missing out on countless amounts of revenue. The ROI of working with Meraki has been great. We've recommended them to all the small business owners we know.
- Owner of Sinkland Farms


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